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RV Day 7

7 April 2015

Today we left Montrose after spending 3 nights there. We really liked Montrose and spent our last night at the Horsefly Brew Company so Dad could watch the basketball and have some buffalo wings. We drove from Montrose to Cortez through Ouray and Silverton. Today we drove part of the San Juan Skyway. The part we drove is called the Million Dollar Highway. The Million Dollar Highway section of the Skyway between Ouray and Silverton is one of the most scenic and spectacular mountain drives in North America. This famous section of the Skyway winds through the iron-coloured Red Mountains, along the sheer side of the Uncompahgre Gorge, through tunnels and past cascading waterfalls. The Red Mountain Pass was over 11,000 feet.

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RV Day 5

5 April 2015

Yesterday we spent the day driving from the Great Sand Dunes to a little place called Montrose. It was a pretty trip and we got to see some really pretty places. We drove part of the way driving through the Razor Creek Gorge and followed the river as it wound its way down from the mountains.

Today we went to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, just outside Montrose. The canyon is spectacular and Mum and Dad said it should not be missed if you are travelling through this part of the country. We enjoyed driving the rim and looking down at the running river below (the rapids caused by snow melt from the mountains around the area). Mum and Dad got out at all 12 viewing points, but I only got out 3 times because the little hikes were a bit tough for me. I stayed in the RV and ate chocolate easter eggs instead. On the last hike, Mum and Dad took some video for me and said that it was very, very beautiful but I probably wouldn't have made it. It was only 1,380 yards but it was at over 8,000 feet.90_20150405_B..unnison__1_.jpg270_20150405_B..unnison__9_.jpg1315490760_d3fcf.jpgthUT3ESFMX.jpg

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RV Day 3

3 April 2015

Today we went to see the Great Sand Dunes. We would have splashed in Medano Creek but it was freezing cold. There was some ice and snow in the creek which runs from snow melting on the Sangre de Cristo mountains. The creek usually only flows in spring (so we were lucky because spring had just started) and you can see surge flow which is when a small temporary dam upstream collapses and send down a wave of water (it looks like a wave in the ocean). The dunes were pretty to see. The dunes had different colours and different shapes and Mum said they change with the seasons. Some of the dunes were big and some were smaller and they looked like waves. The dunes are unusual and interesting because they are in stark contrast to the snow capped mountains you can see immediately behind them. Even though the RV park we are staying in is a bit away from the sand dunes, we can still see them from where our RV is parked and the morning sun lights the sand dunes up and makes them look spectacular.

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RV Day 2

2 April 2015

Today we visited the Royal Gorge. This was special and I really liked it. There was a fired at the Royal Gorge in 2013 and it burnt down 48 of the 52 structures including the aerial tram, an antique carousel as well as the visitors centre. The bridge itself suffered minor damage to its wooden planks. They have since rebuilt part of the park and we went on the aerial tram which was a little scary because you were at the top of the gorge which is 1,200 feel below. We had a look at the other side and saw the zip rider and the royal rush sky coaster. We came back on the shuttle bus across the bridge and leant they are going to build a theatre and children's play park (including rock wall). There are also going to rebuild the western town (the driver said they had gun fights in the street) and a bridge view BBQ restaurant. At the end we went on the Silver Rock Railway which is a scale model of an old 424 locomotive from 1893. We got to see Yellowstone (whish was a yellow painted rock), Petticoat Junction (a watertower with petty coats hanging from it, Deadwood (a stack of dead wood) and my favourite was Little Rock and Boulder (a stone sitting on a boulder). It was a funny trip. We all agreed we would like to return when it's finished being rebuilt because it would be a cool place to visit.

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RV Day 1 continued

1 April 2015

On our first day in the RV we went to the Garden of the Gods. We went to the visitor centre and then drove to the North Parking Lot to first see the White Rock and then to see the other rock formations. Mum thought that the contrast of the Garden of the Gods which is predominantly red rock and the rest of the landscape was a real standout. We also got to see some people rock climbing. We walked along a paved loop and the scenery was very beautiful and tranquil. Mum and Dad told me that the Garden of the Gods red rock formations were created during a geological upheaval along a natural fault line millions of years ago. We saw rocks called The Three Graces, Kissing Camels, Signature Rock, The Cathedral Spires, Gateway Rock and White Rock. White Rock is literally a rock formation the same as the red rocks, but is white. 20150401_G..he_Gods__7_.jpg20150401_G..he_Gods__3_.jpg20150401_G..he_Gods__2_.jpg

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