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15 Jan 2015 - 22 Jan 2015

Hello to you all. No matter where you are, we are thinking of you. The calendar says that today is 21 January and it won't be long until school begins. I am ready for that to happen, believe it or not.

For the past week we have done so much. On arriving on Thursday last week, we did our first grocery shop whilst in Mariposa. Navigating the grocery stores in becoming easier the more we do it. We have managed to fit in two visits to Yosemite and take in some of the most spectacular sights both on the highway and in the Park. We snuck in a visit to Columbia, CA; a historic gold rush town of the 1850’s where they dress in period costume. We travelled along a highway that was along highway 49. It was pretty exciting, exhilarating and a little scary. When we spoke to the guy at the information centre he said it was a relatively easy drive with very little traffic because it was particularly windy. I wish I had a go pro on when I drove it because there are not enough adjectives to explain how windy this road is. Once you got off the straight bits and started to ascend into the mountains, I didn’t drive much faster than 20k/hr. In some cases, I had to slow the car down to 12k/hr just to navigate around a corner. Now don’t get me wrong – the highway was in good nick and is a two way road with double lines down the middle, but when you are driving on the right hand side of the road – it can be pretty scary. The other thing I really like about their road system here is that if you are the slower vehicle they have turnouts so you can pull over and let others past without the need for idiots to try to overtake. All in all, my knuckles were probably only white for ½ the trip but I’m sure Nick’s ass was twitching when he was on the ‘oh f%^&k’ side and could see nothing but ‘down’ in some cases. You just have to imagine the Paluma road on steroids to get a bit of a picture.

We have even completed several of the Mariposa walking routes. The most memorable of these routes being the Stockton Creek Trail (3.20 miles).

Yesterday we spent my birthday by starting with our daily walk to a coffee shop. Our favourite coffee shop by far is the Pony Expresso. Shortly after we get back from coffee, we jump in the car and started on our second visit to Yosemite, this time via a different route. Taking in the whole of the valley as we went. We decided to do some ice skating while there and then when we got back to Mariposa we had my birthday dinner at a restaurant called “1850”.

“Keep close to Nature's heart...and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.” John Muir

To attempt to capture our time here in pictures, I have put together a little montage to music. Hope you enjoy it.

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Love reading about your adventures...I hang out for your next post! Yosemite looks amazing.

by Kylie Cav

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