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Stanford (Palo Alto) - 8/1/15 - 15/1/15

We arrived at Stanford on Thursday 8/1 and are spending a week with Jon, Lianne and their two kids: Simon (11) and Lucy (7) – they actually live technically on Stanford Campus. Both Leanne and Jon are doctors at Stanford University. Leanne does epidemiology and Jon does DNA research. I’m hoping that somehow by osmosis that their intelligence will rub off and I might just come back a bit smarter (notice the use of the suffix ‘er’. Stanford (Palo Alto) is 33 miles south of San Francisco. In good traffic, the drive to San Fran should take no longer than 40 minutes or you can also take the Caltrain commuter line. The "Baby Bullet" trains take 37 minutes to get to San Francisco.

Just outside Jon & Lianne’s doorstep is a very popular - 200 vehicles parked on the side of road every hour on the hour should give you an indication of how popular this walk is (and that is just week days) – walk named “The Stanford Dish loop”. It is supposedly a popular route for Stanford University students as well as Silicon Valley professionals. It is a steep paved trail and would be suitable for running, walking, or hiking (no bikes allowed). On the weekends, the traffic on the walk would exponentially increase by no less than 100% would be my guess. I had no sooner told Jon and Lianne about how my mind can achieve great things (the body not so much) when it comes to exercise when I decided that my little “shog” (shuffle/jog) would be on a ‘pilgrimage’ to the Stanford Dish the next day. I only got 3 minutes in before I realized I could walk faster than I was “shogging” and opted to walk the rest of the way. I liken it to Castle Hill, only a little longer up. So on my return, Nick and I decided we would do the ‘loop’ on Tuesday 13/1.

We have had a great time here and have visited Farmer’s markets on the weekend and we also picked up a bagel each from Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels. This little Bagel bakery was so popular, we had to wait in line for someone to take our order. I guestimate we spent about 15 minutes in line waiting to get to the front counter just to order our bagel – but they were worth it and the experience of standing in line for something like this is probably half the excitement.

Yesterday we caught the caltrain to San Francisco and did the touristy things: Pier 39, Lombard Street, Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli square and the cable cars. We initially made some public transport mistakes: couldn’t find parking for the train (ended up getting the 2nd last spot), paying for a ticket to destination ‘zone 3’ (doh! We are at zone 3), so we had to purchase more tickets to zone 1, and catching the muni to 3 spots past our target destination and having to backtrack. We obviously got to Pier 39 in the end, and that is all that counts, isn’t it.

So today is Tuesday 13/1 and Nick and I have just got back from our hour and ½ walk on the ‘Dish’ loop. Great walk and fantastic views across to the bay. The reason we chose today: (drum roll inserted here)…..Alyssa has gone to school with Simon and is sitting in his class to see what it is like. We have been ribbing her a bit about turning on the aussie accent and telling them about the kangaroos on our streets, but I’m not sure she is too keen. I think she just wanted to see what it was like and mix with some other kids her own age. We told her we would drop in at lunch (11.50am) and see if she wanted to stay the day or whether she is ‘too cool for school’. The school is literally a 2 minute walk from the house, so it is a perfect location.

We have 1 more day here with Jon, Lianne and the kids and then on Thursday we head to Mariposa.

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ps. we dropped into school just as Alyssa was heading out to lunch with 2 other girls. I'm guessing she isn't too cool for school and is staying till 2:30pm. Woo Hoo!

by V3USA

nice update, loved all those things you mentioned about San Fran. Really enjoyed all those myself

by Paul

No more homeschooling then?

by Kylie

Kyles, Alyssa's distance education started yesterday. Although school doesn't start for another week, we wanted to get cracking and give us more time to ..............do nothing. Exactly what's planned for the next 2 days.

by V3USA

just a short entry to get a start with this level of contact - hope it works ... Brian and Margy

by Brian Squire

It worked Brian. All going well here.

by V3USA

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