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Dream 4.1

So, here's the thing. Sometimes it's a good thing not to plan too far in advance. When we arrived at LAX on Monday morning, we collect our bags and proceed to customs. The man behind the counter asks some general questions and then asked a question about what we were told at the American Consulate in Sydney. We run through our little experience with him to which he then proceeds to tell us that on this occasion he can only grant a stay of 6 months. I'm sorry, did I hear you correctly? 6 (six) months? Yes folks, they are only letting us stay for 6 months. This wouldn't be so bad, but we have taken 12 months leave, rented our home for 12 months, and booked our return flights for early December 2015.

Nick asked why and I immediately throw out questions in rapid succession: what are our options? can we go to another country and return? how long do we have to be out of the country before we can return? when we return, can we be guaranteed another 6 months at least? are there any countries we can't go to and then return? "Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” Dr Suess.

The Consulate in Sydney should have told us because apparently it is the law and we can't go to either Canada or Mexico unless we go for substantial period.

Either we were too tired or too stunned to react, so we decided we would simply accept what the customs officer said to us and investigate further when we were a little less jet lagged. 15 minutes later (doesn't take us long I know) we decided to go to the information centre and seek advice about an Australian or American consulate so we could discuss our situation.

Turns out, six months is the rule and we can't just simply pop across the border like they do in the movies. We would need to go to either Canada or Mexico for a substantial period. There's that bloody word 'substantial' again. It's a bit like 'limited personal use'. There is no real definition. If we go to Canada for 3-4 months, this might be considered substantial. However, when we attempt to return to America, our destiny is yet again in the hands of the person sitting behind the desk. Bummer!

Lets not worry about this yet, let's just get to our accommodation and settle in and think about all this later, when our minds are a little less groggy and the emotions have subsided.

So now you know.....Dream 4.1 is in the making!

Posted by V3USA 10:39

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Omg! Mm, Costa Rica surely!!?

by Susanne & David

That moment when the customer officer gave you the bad news must go down as the largest kick in the balls (Nick's!!) you've experienced ... but never mind, if anyone can adjust to "plan b" ... or is it e :) ... it's you two!! Every cloud has a silver lining ... something good will come of this.

by Rob Saunders

A little bit of research shows that they might never find you (see below). So the new estimate might be between 7 million and three and 20 million and 3. Or if you're a bit nervous about staying, you can be the first ever USA registration in the Push.

"National surveys, administrative data and other sources of information provide inaccurate measures of the size of the illegal immigrant population and current estimates based on these data indicate that the current population may range from 7 million to 20 million."

by peter gibson

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